Pap Test (Papanicolaou Test): “A Pap test (or what some used to call Pap Smears) is a screening test that checks the cells of the cervix to make sure there are no abnormal changes. Abnormal cells can change over time and become cancer, without pain or symptoms. If any cell changes are found, they should be followed closely. If needed, they can be treated so that cancer does not develop”   Definition taken from Alberta Cancer Screening:

Endo Bx (Endometrial Biopsy): Cells are taken from the lining of the uterus and tested for abnormal cells and cancer. This procedure is performed in the office setting.

Cervical Polyp: A benign growth on the surface of the cervix. Usually removed in the office setting with minimal discomfort.

HSG (Hysterosalpingogram): This is a procedure that allows the doctors to view the patency of your fallopian tubes. This is performed in the hospital Diagnostic Imaging Department.

Ovarian Cyst: This is a fluid filled growth on the ovary. They can occasionally be cancerous.

Prolapse: A Condition where the pelvic organs begin to “fall out” through the vaginal opening. 

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