How do I get an appointment?

Patients are seen by referral only. Once we receive a referral letter from your family doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician from a walk-in clinic, it will be reviewed and prioritized.

All referrals are triaged and booked accordingly.

What can I expect at my appointment?

Your first visit is a “consultation” and you will discuss the problem identified in your referral letter and any other pertinent history.  Sometimes a gynecologic exam is required.

What if I have my period when I come for my visit?

Having your period is normal and not unexpected.  Do not use a tampon, wear a pad to your visit in case an exam is required and cannot be postponed.

How long do I have to wait for my surgery?

If you require surgery all the necessary forms will be filled out at the office.  The forms are then sent to “Surgical Booking” at the hospital.  Once there it is prioritized and they will contact you with a date for your surgery.  Wait times will vary.

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